Flood Modelling

Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Consequences Assessment reports are increasingly accompanied by detailed flood computer simulations, known as Flood Modelling, as requested by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for larger sites or where they do not hold sufficient data themselves and development would have a material impact on the form, nature and mechanisms of flooding.

Sanderson Associates have carried out Flood Modelling to accompany Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Consequence Assessments on many occasions, LIDAR surveys and topographical surveys are utilised, along with software packages to model in detail watercourses, flood defences and hydraulic structures, all of which can have a potential effect on a development site.  

The results of this flood modelling may influence the flood depths on the proposed development site and can be used to quantify the risk of flooding and potential mitigation measures require to offset the risk of flooding to either the site itself or elsewhere.

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