Flood Risk and the Planning Process

Flooding is a natural process which cannot be prevented entirely, but it can be managed to reduce its social and economic consequences and to safeguard the continued functioning of services and infrastructure. Some locations are already susceptible to intermittent flooding and climate change is expected to worsen the situation. Inadequate drainage infrastructure also increases the risk of flooding.

Planning Authorities must take the probability of flooding from all sources – (coastal, fluvial [water course], pluvial [surface water], groundwater, sewers and blocked culverts) and the risks involved into account when preparing development plans and determining planning applications. This does not mean that developments or redevelopments in these affected areas will not be approved, the planning process is there to ensure flooding is materially taken into account in development proposals.

As part of the planning process a Flood Risk Assessment, or a Flood Consequence Assessment in Wales, ensures that developers are aware of the recommendations of the Environment Agency in England, Natural Resources Wales in Wales or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland and suggests adequate mitigation measures to ensure that a development is sustainable and safe in terms of flood risk or flood consequence.

From small residential extensions to large employment, residential and office developments, Sanderson Associates have vast experience in providing bespoke, site specific Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Consequence Assessments [Wales] for new developments and also existing facilities.

The Planning Process

At every stage of the planning process, we provide our Clients with valuable advice and guidance on flood resilient design so as to reduce the impact of flooding. We have an excellent working relationship with the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and work collaboratively to facilitate the development of sound and sustainable buildings in compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework; TAN 15 (Wales) and SPP (Scotland) Scottish Planning Policy all of which currently regulate new development in areas of flood risk.

Whether it is a domestic extension, new dwelling or major residential, retail or employment development, we can provide the necessary assessment to go with your planning application. Our wide client base includes Hospital Trusts, Fire Authorities, Councils, major Supermarket chains, Architects and housing developers through to smaller private developers and domestic Clients.

Business Continuity

We also provide site specific flood risk assessments for existing business and domestic premises where current facilities face risk of flooding from any source and can provide a comprehensive report on risk to property.

Our assessments include a full breakdown of mitigation measures to reduce flood risk and we provide assistance to Clients in designing and sourcing the most cost effective ways of protecting their development, business or home. We continually work to facilitate and expedite the planning process as much as possible for all our Clients.

Request a Fee Proposal

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What our Clients' say:

Flood Risk Assessment, Testimonial, Industrial Development, Sheffield

Tue 19 March 2019

Sanderson’s were a great in helping us with our planning application for a new material silo at our manufacturing base in Sheffield. Darren was efficient and swift in his discussions with the council on the need for a flood risk assessment on the site. Darren’s knowledge of the site and surrounding area and consequent discussions […]

Flood Risk Assessment, Data Centre, Keighley

Wed 8 March 2017

Good communication and persistence coupled with a high level of professional expertise, has enabled what looked initially to be an insurmountable objection to be overcome. J O Steel, J O Steel Consulting, Bingley

Flood Risk Assessment, Proposed Residential Development, Cobham, Surrey

Fri 28 October 2016

We were very pleased with the service received and the positive outcome for our client, and would not hesitate to recommend for flood risk assessments. Thanks very much for helping us with this project. Malcolm Jenkins, Architect, Malcom Jenkins Associates

Flood Risk Assessment, Proposed Residential Development.

Fri 8 July 2016

Thank you for your assistance on the Flood Risk assessment in relation to our works being carried out at the house. I would like to add that I only called yesterday seeking advice on a flood risk assessment not knowing what it entails and you have acted extremely quickly. You listened and gave valuable, honest […]

Flood Risk Assessment, Residential Development

Mon 15 June 2015

Sanderson Associates has provided us with a very professional service, and has always responded extremely quickly and efficiently to our client’s requirements. Laura Elias, Assistant Planner, CBRE Ltd

CPD Seminar Highway Development Control and Flood Risk

Tue 31 March 2015

I would like to thank the Team at Sandersons for providing CPD Seminars on Highway Development Control and Flood Risk to our Chartered Surveyors. The content of each meeting was both relevant and informative and gave useful, practical guidance on each topic. It is clear that Sandersons have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in […]

Flood Risk Assessment, Testimonial, Residential Property

Mon 9 February 2015

I would just like to say that the service I received was professional and prompt and I would have no hesitation in using Sanderson Associates again. Thank you for all your help. – Balbinder Heer, Planning Consultant

Flood Risk Assessment, Residential Development, London

Mon 10 November 2014

We were very pleased with the work of Sanderson Associates in providing flood risk assessment at Neckinger Mills in Bermondsey. It was a difficult site and the strategy proposed for flood mitigation provided security for the development with the minimum impact on the design. We particularly appreciated prompt, friendly and helpful advice as well as […]

Dave King, Developer, Flood Risk Assessment, 76 Unit Development

Tue 12 August 2014

I recently required a Flood Risk Assessment to accompany my planning application for 76 units in Prestwood, but unfortunately I had overlooked this requirement and as such I needed it fast. Sandersons had previously been very efficient in providing my transport statement for the site, so I contacted them and explained the urgency of the […]

Steve Wright, Architect, Flood Risk Assessment – Residential

Thu 5 June 2014

Just a note to thank you for your prompt and efficient service providing the Flood Risk Assessment. It is the second time I have used your company for the provision of an FRA to be included within a Planning Application. I can say that your company, and yourself on this occasion, have been very professional […]

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