National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework sets out the Government's planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. It sets out the Government's requirements for the planning system only to the extent that it is relevant, proportionate and necessary to do so. It provides a framework within which local people and their accountable councils can produce their own distinctive local and neighbourhood plans, which reflect the needs and priorities of their communities.


Scottish Planning Policy (SPP)

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) is the statement of the Scottish Government’s policy on nationally important land use planning matters.


Planning Policy Wales TAN15

Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 15 (TAN15) Development and Flood Risk

General Interest

Code for Sustainable Homes

Technical Guide

Preparing for Floods

Preparing for Floods, Interim guidance for improving the flood resistance of domestic and small business properties, October 2003 published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Pitt Review

On the 25 June 2008 Sir Michael Pitt published his final report into the summer 2007 flooding. The report examines both how to reduce the risk and impact of floods, and the emergency response to the floods in June and July 2007

Environment Agency

The cost of the summer 2007 floods in England - Click here

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