Code for Sustainable Homes - (CfSH)

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) has been introduced to change residential home building practice, it is a standard for design and construction which affects the sustainability of a residential development.

The Code will form the basis for future developments of the Building Regulations in relation to sustainability which includes water management.

Sanderson Associates provide Flood Risk Assessments to meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) which cover the Sur 1 and Sur 2 elements of this code.

The Sur 1 credits relate to the management of surface water run off from residential developments and Sur 2 credits relate to the flood risk element of the development.

Our Flood Risk Assessments are tailored to provide the necessary information to obtain the credits available under Sur 1 and Sur 2. Advice is given within the assessments to put development in its best place to achieve these credits whilst remaining cost effective and viable.

Our competitive pricing structure for the Code For Sustainable Homes (CfSH) assessments is entirely project dependant therefore it is important that we gather as much information as possible at the earliest stage in the process so we can provide you the most competitive fee proposal which is tailored to your requirements

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